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Summer Mission Trip to Hungary

Katy in Budapest, Hungary. The bridge in the background is "Daddy's favorite bridge" also known as the Chain Bridge.

We just returned from an incredible summer in
Hungary. One of our prayers for the summer is that our family would have a really good experience and that we would have an spiritual impact as a family. We are happy to report that God answered both of those prayers as we participated in the SpeakOut Summer Project.

We worked on a team of about 70 people consisting of consisting of American and Hungarian high school and college students, Campus Crusade staff from Hungary and America and missionary kids living in Eastern Europe and the Middle East. We really enjoyed getting to work alongside all these people.

Each week, the Americans and missionary kids did relational evangelism through an English camp. The Hungarian students went out each afternoon and initiated conversations with other Hungarians in the town or at the beach along the lake. They would also help translate for the American students when there was a need to go deeper into the gospel with the Hungarian campers.

Ryan enjoyed finding rocks in the courtyard of the dormitory.

Over the 3 weeks of camp, we shared the gospel multiple times with 274 Hungarian campers. Some of the Hungarians attended more the one week of camp, including Adam. Adam attended all three weeks and made a decision for Christ during the last camp.

Through the 3 weeks, we saw 47 students make decisions for Christ through the English camps, and another 7 people trust Christ through the Hungarian students' initiative evangelism.
It was a very fruitful summer. Typically, the Hungarian students only see 1 to 2 people respond as they share with people in the town. And in the past, the English camps would have seen about 27-28 decisions based on the number of people who attended this year.

God is doing an exciting work in Hungary. Many of these new Christians will plug into our ministry in Budapest this fall.

We saw at least 57 other students who we believe are close to making decisions for Christ and many others who took significant steps of belief in their spiritual journeys. The exciting thing is that many of them will be followed up by our staff in Hungary this fall, and may attend SpeakOut next summer.


Speakout 2005 was a series of three, week-long, conversational English camps at Lake Balaton in Hungary. Each week, a group of Hungarian students who want to improve their English skills comes to the camps. Each day they attend large-group lectures, smaller SpeakOut groups, and spend individual time with their American tutors

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SpeakOut Week 1 Video
Experience SpeakOut through a slideshow we showed on the last evening of

  • 274 Hungarians participated in the English camps
  • 47 of these campers asked Christ into their lives
  • We saw a 17% response rate to the gospel this summer. In the past, the ministry has seen about a 10% response rate at best.

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