About Us

For 15 years, we have worked on full-time staff with Campus Crusade for Christ. We have ministered to students in Kansas, Hungary, and around the world through the Internet.

We believe that the most important thing for a person to understand is how to have a personal relationship with God.

As a college freshman, Jeff placed his faith in Christ after hearing the gospel from a Campus Crusade staff member.

As a young child, Anne trusted Christ through the influence of her family and church. Anne’s desire to reach college students grew as a result of her involvement in ministry during her college years.

After over a decade in ministry, God continues to impress both of us with the necessity for students to know Christ.

  • Met at the University of Kansas in 1990
  • Married and joined staff of Campus Crusade for Christ in 1993
  • Three children, Katy (7), Ryan (4), and Lydia (born August 2006)
  • Ministered to students for 4 years at Kansas State University
  • Helped to lead a one-year mission team to a university campus in Debrecen, Hungary
  • As a student ministry consultant, Anne spent a year coaching students and volunteers as they led Campus Crusade ministries all over the U.S.

Present Responsibilities

  • We serve on a national team committed to reaching students across the country. Jeff is a Web strategist, helping the Campus Ministry to utilize the Internet to reach students for Christ, build them in their faith, and send them out to reach other students. One of Jeff's Web sites, GodSquad.com, resources students and volunteers leading ministries on over 1000 campuses. He is responsible for the design, development and everyday maintenance of this valuable resource.
  • Anne is a full-time mom and does special projects for the Campus Ministry.

Find out more about our ministry

Websites that Jeff has designed and developed

:: GodSquad.com

:: MySoularium

:: theLAB

:: thirtyonethree : Jeff's personal blog