Ministry in Hungary

For over 15 years, we have been involved in ministry to college and high school students in Hungary. This past year, our family had 2 opportunities to go to Hungary.

Spring 2007 - Jeff returned to Hungary for his seventh visit. Jeff's team of 5 spoke in classrooms, invited students to an outreach and did random evangelism during the week.

Spring 2006 - Jeff led a team of 9 teenagers to Budapest, Hungary in March. They spent the week speaking in classrooms, inviting students to an outreach and doing random evangelism in McDonalds and Burger Kings.

Katy in HungarySummer 2005 - Our whole family spent the summer in Keszthely, Hungary. We were part of SpeakOut 2005, a series of three, week-long, conversational English camps. Each week, a group of Hungarian students who want to improve their English skills came to the camps.

Other visits to Hungary:

  • Spring 2000 - Jeff spent two weeks in Budapest on a vision trip. He participated in a variety of ministry activities including speaking in Hungarian high school classrooms, passing out fliers to invite people to a showing of the Jesus film and interacting with teachers at a symposium sponsered by Campus Crusade.
  • 1997-98 School year - Jeff and Anne lived in Debrecen, Hungary. We were part of a team of 10 Americans leading a three year old Campus ministry planted by an earlier team of American short-term missionaries.
  • Summer 1996 - Anne and Jeff participated in SpeakOut 1996. We joined 9 other students from Kansas State University on the summer mission.
  • Summer 1990 - Jeff visited Hungary for the first time. It was an exciting summer of sharing the gospel with students emerging from the fall of the Communist system in Eastern Europe.

For over 15 years, have been involved in Campus Crusade's ministry to college and high school students in Hungary.

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Poster publicizing SpeakOut 1996. Jeff is on the right, most of his face is covered. The picture was taken in 1990 on Jeff's first trip to Hungary.