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What is Summer Project? (Katy’s Brochure Design)
October 14th, 2008 :: Posted by Jeff

I really appreciate the creativity of our kids. One of the fun things for me this summer was to share with Katy and Ryan the work I was doing with the Summer Project Web site redesign. Several times through the summer, I showed them clips from the main promotional video which served as an inspiration for my Web site design.

Recently Katy designed her own Summer Project Brochure. Below, you see the cover to her brochure on the left, and the actual cover from the brochure used in the promotional video. You can see how closely Katy matched the details.

But what I like even more is the inside of the brochure. She has a really simple message that reflects the whole reason my team worked on the Summer Project Promotional Package. It is to answer the question, “What is Summer Project?” I love how her brochure points to the Web site that I spent the summer redesigning.

See bigger version of the inside of Katy’s brochure

Celebrating 15 Years of Ministry
July 10th, 2008 :: Posted by Jeff

This month marks a milestone in our ministry. We celebrate 15 years as a couple working with Campus Crusade. We wanted to reflect back on our journey and celebrate what God has done through our ministry in three different locations.

Fall 1993 to Spring 1997, Fall 1998 to Spring 1999
Kansas State University

Our first assignment found us at Kansas State University. During our 5 years, we saw God work in many lives as we shared the gospel and mentored students.

For Anne, the most memorable part of ministry at K-State was the women she discipled. It was exciting to see these women lead others to Christ and lead small groups of their own. For Jeff, it was having the privilege of leading John to Christ and helping John become a life-long disciple. Jeff was honored to be in John’s wedding in 2001.

In the Summer of 1996, we took eight students with us to Hungary for SpeakOut English camp. We enjoyed getting to work alongside our K-State students as we built relationships with Hungarian students and shared the gospel. Our summer experience prepared us for the next big step in our ministry.

Fall 1997 to May 1998
Debrecen, Hungary

It was ten years ago that we had one of the biggest adventures of our staff career. We joined eight other Americans on a campus in eastern Hungary. We enjoyed working with the Hungarian students already involved in the campus movement. One of our students is now part of the campus team in Budapest.

Both of us agree that it was one of the most challenging years of ministry, but also one of the richest. We are still close to many of our teammates. Recently, we have reconnected with some of the students we met that year.

Fall 1999 to December 2004
Student LINC, Orlando, Florida

Anne worked with Student LINC our first year in Orlando. She helped Jess (left in the picture) to start a new ministry to Doane College in Nebraska. That ministry has been continued by successful generations of student leaders.

Working with Student LINC was a great opportunity for Jeff to use his years of ministry experience and combine that with his creative talent. Jeff was able to help fulfill the original vision of and make it into an indispensable resource for students and staff. The site is utilized around the world as staff and students trust God to change the lives of young people.

December 2004 to Present
theLAB, Orlando, Florida

As Jeff continued to grow in his Web skills, he was asked to join theLAB,
the media and technology solutions team for the Campus Ministry.

Jeff enjoys being part of a creative team who are using their gifts to help reach students for Christ, build them in their faith, and challenge and equip them to reach other students, both on their campus and around the world.

Currently, theLAB is working on a promotional package for 2009 Campus Crusade Summer Projects. The package includes several videos, a print brochure, Web site, and a motion design project that will allow students to add their faces to a video. It is an exciting opportunity for our team to create an integrated product that communicates through 3 different design mediums.

Summer 2005, Spring 2006, Spring 2007
Short-term Missions to Hungary

In the summer of 2005, we returned to Hungary with Katy and Ryan. It was fun to see Katy thrive in the environment of our English camp outreach to Hungarian high school and college students. Both the Hungarian students and the American Christian students loved having her around. Katy would like for us to go back for another summer.

Jeff returned for his sixth visit with a group of 10 teenagers from Orlando in March 2006. They spent a week speaking in Hungarian high schools and helping with a Battle of the Bands outreach. Jeff led a smaller team in 2007.

Read more about our ministry in Hungary

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