It has been an exciting week and there are many stories I could share of how God is using our team to have an impact on Hungary. I am planning to put together many of those stories and posting them on this site after I return home to the US on Monday.

Today I had an exciting opportunity to share the gospel to 5 young men and their teacher while in the classroom. I mentioned that one of the things I enjoy is talking to Hungarians about God, what they believe and what I believe. The teacher (pictured to the right) made the point that he did not think many Hungarians believe in God and that he did not. Then he challenged me to convince him to believe in God and the Bible. I told him that I probably did not have the time to do that. I reached into my backpack for a Hungarian gospel booklet and explained the basic points of the gospel. I explained how Jesus died for our sins and that we each had the choose to accept the gift. I even gave them an illustration of receiving the gift.

One of the things that I told the students is that I had come to college with a belief in God and Jesus. But things about God were had not been very important to me until I someone explained the gospel using the booklet was I giving to them. I shared that before I was a Christian, I had believed that I was a good person and that was enough to please God. But I also recognized that I had sin. The teacher, Ferenc (Frank in English) said that he use to think that he was good but now sees evil in himself.

I sense that Ferenc is very open to the gospel. He is 60 years old and that is rare to see. I told one of the staff here in Budapest to make it a point to talk to him the next time they visit that school. It is exciting how God used the teacher to open the door for me to share the gospel. At least four of the students took the gospel booklets from me and they seemed very interested. They enjoyed the time we had to talk and one of them asked me for my email address. Please pray for Ferenc and pray that students in that class would come to the “Battle of the Bands” outreach tomorrow night.