Changed lives. We desire to see students’ lives changed as they experience a relationship with Jesus Christ. One of the ways that we help students to grow is through conferences and retreats.

At conferences and retreats:

  • Students hear more clearly from the Lord when they get away from the noise of school and life. They accept Christ and make life-changing decisions to serve the Lord.
  • Students have a chance to bond with other students. Relationships are formed that will be important throughout college and beyond.
  • Momentum is created for the local campus movement. New students will learn about Campus Crusade for Christ. Involved students will become more aligned to the vision of reaching the campus for Christ.

In March, about 2200 staff and students participated in Big Break, our Spring Break outreach in Panama City, Florida. During the month, over 7000 people heard the gospel as students initiated conversations on the beach during Spring Break.

This month, students have returned to their campuses eager to talk with friends and classmates about the gospel. Twenty students at North Dakota State have agreed as a group to start 54 spiritual conversations each week until the end of school.

How do we help change lives through conferences?

Jeff is working on a Web design project to make our conference registration tool even better. He hopes to streamline registration so that students can more easily go to conferences where their lives may be changed forever.

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