One of the resources that Campus Crusade put together to help Christians use The Da Vinci Code as an opportunity to dialogue about issues of faith is a podcast of Josh McDowell’s book, The Da Vinci Code: A Quest for Answers. This podcast is a dramatic reading of a fictional story in which three college students launch on a quest for the truth as they read The Da Vinci Code.

Josh has used a fictional format to address the fiction of The Da Vinci Code. Although The Da Vinci Code is a fictional book, Dan Brown tries mixes in a lot of fiction that rewrites historical fact. Josh’s book does a great job of exposing the truth and countering the deception of Dan Brown’s fictional work.

The podcast is available through iTunes, a place where many young people are purchasing music and engaging with the pop culture. The podcast of Josh’s book has climbed from #16 to #2 of the most popular podcasts on iTunes.