Da Vinci OutreachLast week, I asked you to pray for an outreach in Hungary using The Da Vinci Code. I wanted to give you a quick update.

Students packed the cafe that the outreach was held in. About half of the audience were interested Christians.

The speaker very clearly presented the gospel and gave an invitation to receive Christ. Everyone that attended expressed that they liked what they heard and would like to talk further about these issues.

One young man rode 3 hours by train from another part of the country in order to hear the discussion.

My friend Laci is the Campus Ministry director in Hungary. This what he had to say about the outreach: “For the students in our movement it was also a very good event, it has built their faith. They are better prepared to have a discussion about the DaVinci code in the coming weeks, especially when the movie will come out.

The team in Hungary plans to distribute the Companion Guide magazines to other parts of the country. Several staff that I know in Hungary say that the movie is a hot topic of conversation right now.

Thanks for your prayers. If you are interested in finding out more about the resources that Campus Crusade has developed for The Da Vinci Code, visit godsquad.com/davinci